PUTRAJAYA: The Education Ministry is probing a case where a Chinese school had allegedly collected Good and Services Tax (GST) from its students.

Deputy Education Minister, Datuk Chong Sin Woon said he has already instructed his officials to investigate the matter.

“I’ve asked my Deputy Director General to visit the school,” Chong told reporters after receiving a Memorandum on Chinese Education Reforms from the Federal Territory Chinese Assembly Hall at his office here.

“I’m told that the computer class in the school is handled by a private company. In normal practice, GST is absorbed by the company. So we are checking why this particular school is charging GST separately.”

SJKC Tun Tan Siew Sin in Subang Jaya, Selangor has come under fire for allegedly charging 6 per cent GST on its primary students’ computer class.

Pro-Chinese educationist group, Persatuan Jaringan Ibubapa Pencinta Bahasa Zhong Hua, better known as Jiazhong, has lodged a report with the Royal Malaysian Customs Department over the issue yesterday.

Jiazhong advisor Edward Neoh Chuan Tat told NST that he has written proof – in the form of two circulars bearing the school logo which requested parents to pay RM22 for their kids’ computer class and RM14 for Bahasa Malaysia extra classes, with 6 per cent GST included in the circulars.

“We find it strange because the school is not registered for GST and educational institutions are exempted from the tax. Where would the money go?,” he questioned.

In 2015, angry parents staged a protest outside the MOE, accusing 300 Chinese schools in the country of having collected GST illegally.

The group subsequently lodged an official complaint against three Chinese primary schools – namely SJKC Puay Chai 2 (in Bandar Utama, Selangor), SJKC Lai Meng and SJKC Yuk Chai (both in Kuala Lumpur) at the Customs Department.

“The Customs Department raided two of the schools and the money was given back to the parents,” said Neoh. When asked if MOE will take stern action against the Chinese schools guilty of collecting GST illegally, Chong said, “Unfortunately, we do not have a law (under MOE) to punish the schools.

I hope they will rectify the situation.”

the source : malaysiandigest.com