MIRI: Diabetes Malaysia National (DMN) has submitted a memorandum to Ministry of Finance, requesting the government to waive the six per cent Goods and Services Tax (GST) on diabetes testing equipment often used by diabetic patients.

Vice president Jong Koi Chong told The Borneo Post yesterday that the request was due to the drastic rise in prices of medical equipment, which has severely burdened their members who are also diabetic.

“We have submitted the memorandum, hoping that they would take into consideration the needs of diabetic patients, and that they would include it into the 2018 Budget,” Jong said.


As most of their members are diabetic patients, Jong said DMN also helps to liaise with the government and medical equipment suppliers to obtain good discounts on equipment that are often used by diabetic patients.

“Patients spend a lot on medical equipment and testers, especially those that are disposable. Our purpose is to help them ease the financial burden,” he added.

On DMN, he said its main role is to educate and raise awareness of diabetes among Malaysians through various programmes.

“We are focusing on providing latest information relating to diabetes to patients and also their families, and that includes treatments and ways to take better care of diabetes patients.

“Anther role would be organising talks, camps, and health screening as well as exhibition to educate the general public on signs and warning of diabetes before it occurs. Of course, our mission is to also alert the public on overweight problem, which is faced by a lot of Malaysians, which could lead to complications like diabetes and kidney failure.”

Jong attended the opening ceremony of Diabetes Malaysia Miri branch’s 25th anniversary celebration at Bintang Megamall yesterday.

Among the guests were Piasau assemblyman Datuk Sebastian Ting, philanthropist Datuk James Ling, Miri Hospital director Dr Jack Wong, Diabetes Malaysia Miri branch chairman Ting Chiew Moi, Diabetes Malaysia Miri branch advisor Dr Faizul Mansoor and Fire and Rescue Zone 6 chief Supt Law Poh Kiong.

the source : www.theborneopost.com